The whole time I was dating this kid, he had under his FB relationship status "single",

but now that he's dating someone else, he has completely removed that from his profile. What does that mean?

Feel free to be brutally honest, it's OK.


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  • it sounds like you still care, and if so why don't you simply ask him if he's seeing someone- if so then it's a sign to show you- you moved on.

    if he says' he isn't then that's your pick to decide to believe him or not.

    just remember to protect your emotions and don't get hurt.

    I don't know know how you view it but it appears that you still like this guy an might me holding on. ... but ask yourself this- why was time on someone that - didn't for sure give you an open "g/f exclusive tittle" when you can spend your time finding another guy that will- then won't you be more happy?

    maybe all you need to ask him - and if he doesn't give you answer or just beating around the question- take it as a sign to move on and treat him as a good friend .

    words or easily said then done- but this all varies on how much you like this guy.


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  • How long ago was this?

    how long were you guys dating?

    and did you two verbally communicate that you two were "dating" and you were his g/f?

    • 3 months ago

      We dated about a month and a half

      I tried to have the "exclusive" talk with him a couple times, but it didn't work, although I did get out of him that he would be upset if I kissed someone else. Was it an under the table romance?

    • Wait- so you two broke up already correct? and he's dating someone else?

      and yeah it does sound like an under the table romance and to base on what you have said, and just experience wise, he wasn't sure if he's really into you and just kinda want to see if things were going to work out. .. are you two still talking?

    • Yes, we get lunch every couple of weeks just to catch up. He doesn't mention his new love interest, I just heard from a mutual friend.