I've been dating this guy for a month now but I don't want to be official with him..

I had a boyfriend for 2 years and we broke up about 6 months ago because he cheated on me. I started seeing this other guy about a month ago and I like him but I can't stop thinking about my ex. I always end up texting him or calling him when I feel sad or lonely. I'm confused about my feelings. Can anyone tell me what I should do? Should I completely stop talking to my ex and move forward with this new guy or should I break it off because it won't work and try to bring back an old flame?


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  • Hmm... it's a difficult situation you're in.

    Two years is a long time to be in a relationship and you build up strong memories in that time.

    So of course, you need time to cope hith a loss like that.

    If you think about your ex boyfriend, what do you feel? Do you still feel those butterflies?

    If you still have them, maybe it's too soon to be dating an other guy.

    Getting over a breakup takes times, everyone knows that.

    So, when you still have those feelings for your ex, maybe you should tell your new guy.

    If he really likes you, then he'll wait for you, I think.

    or maybe something from your new boyfriend's character / appearance is reminding you of your old flame? That could be a problem, since you won't be able to actually get over your old guys when the new one constantly reminds you of him.

    It's up to you... But don't give up the thing you have with your new boyfriend. If he knows what it feels like to lose a relationship, he sould be able to understand.

    Hope I helped :)


    • Yes you did. thank you so much! at this point, I'm on a break with my new bf..he told me "you need to figure out what you want and when you know tell me but right now I'm not speakiing with you because you need time away." and I still talk to my ex on daily basis but we NEVER bring up anything about our feelings for eachother..but yeah thank you for your help (:

    • I'm sure you'll figure it out ^^

      Good luck with that ;)


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