Any success stories with internet dating?

As per the title...

For some reason, I would still like to meet guys in bars/clubs opposed to the internet..

AND I would be embarrassed to say I met someone via the that just me having a stupid hang up?


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  • It is a stupid hang up.

    I'm actually in the midst of doing a large, comprehensive review/study of internet dating and the sites that provide the service.

    It's amazing to me how there is still a stigma attached to it in the United States, but most all other countries embraced it from the start.

    I will say that the trend in the US suggests that more and more people using it, and that there is a reasonable success rate as well.

    If you think about it, it makes sense that internet dating become popular, because we are spending more and more time using the internet, particularly social media channels, which let's face it, are entrees to something like internet dating.

    And especially from the female point of view, meeting guys at bars or clubs is getting to be more dangerous than any other form of interaction. With the widespread use of drugs like Rohypnol, and the amount of sex crimes being committed at clubs or nearby, the idea of being able to guard against a potential aggresor by way of the internet is becoming more appealing.

    But in the end, it all comes down to individual choice.


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  • Yes people do use it and it does work. Its easy, convienient and you don't have to get dressed up, get drunk etc just like shopping although it has its pitfalls. When you are younger its easier because so many are single but as you get older things get harder, more people are taken etc.


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  • internet dating could work. I met my boyfriend on the internet. The thing about us is that, we use to go to elementary school together and we had 6th grade together. When we found each other on facebook (I found him and he added me)... I was 24 (so this is much much later in life like 12 yaers later we found each other on facebook), and I was not in the same state as when we grew up (like I moved from North state to a really south east state). Then he told me through email that he was in the army and not stationed far from me. We kept on writing long letters getting to know each other and seeing if it would work out... then we visit each other every single weekend afterwards... then he proposed and we got married but we did use the internet to find each other and date. Hope that helps.

  • I have a successful relationship that has come out from the internet. I can honestly tell you, I've never been as in love as I am now.

    I'm a little younger then you, but I'm wise for my age, I know what I'm doing.

    I didn't meet my boyfriend on a dating website as such, I wasn't looking for somebody on the internet. I was just doing general brousing like I normally do. You know, facebook, msn, the odd other websites.

    About 4 and half years ago I met this guy, we started talking on MSN (it wasn't conversation that in anyway intended us to fall in love or date, it was general.)

    We found each other interesting from then on. Time slowly moved on and we continued to speak, classing each other as friends now. Then more time passed and we'd find ourselves talking pretty much everyday because a day without us speaking just wasn't complete..

    We argued sometimes, and we made up.. Just like real friends, just like real life.

    We went through a lot together, more then any regular friendship, we started to notice that it wasn't just a friendship online.. we both knew there was so much more.

    2 years into us talking we opened up to each other, we didn't like the thought of anyone else having us physically, it really hurt us. So I guess we decided to bound ourselves together although we hadn't met. Nobody else could have us.

    This didn't work for long. It was good while it lasted but we didn't have each other physically and it was a strain. It lasted a month and a half tops.

    He then got a girlfriend like a year later, during that time we told each other how we felt. It was still there, although he believed he loved his girlfriend he also said he loves me and that he will always love me. This hurt me, everything about their relationship hurt me. I was losing the guy I loved..

    I mean yea, I fancied other guys during all this, but my heart was really for him.. Everything was for him.

    We told each other everything, more then what I'd ever tell anyone.

    He broke up with his girlfriend and few months later got with me.

    We're happy, we've met many of times now.

    The chemistry and romance is great.. I'm in love.

    Of course it comes with some serious complications but you sacrefice things for the one you love..

    I believe internet dating can work if you find it in the right place. All these dating sites are ridiculous and are set to fail, but this... Me and my boyfriend were just chance and I couldn't ask for it to happen in any other way.

    Who knows, this may not last forever or anything but I'll never regret any choices I have made and the sacrefices I made for him.. I'll never. regret. a. thing.

    so nobody can ever tell me that internet loves don't work, because in some cases they do and some cases they dont.