First date TO business trip TO what now?

I'm 22 and the guy I like is 23. We're both in the same church group so that's how we know each other and consequently, we see each other every weekend at church or during the week at church events. After months of hoping/praying (lol), he finally asked me on a date. We ended up going to the movies and it went well. He picked me up and we talked and laughed on the way there and back. The movie was great too.

Well, the next day, we had another church event and we kinda went off on our own, spending more time together. The following day, again, same thing. Then, the day after that (4th day now), a couple of us went to another church and me and him spent the ENTIRE day together just talking, laughing, flirting, etc.

He had to go on a business trip after that so I haven't seen him in over 2 weeks. During his trip, I texted him once and he continued the texting, asking me how I was doing and all. Other than that, haven't heard from him. I know he returned on Sunday or Monday.

I'll definitely see him this weekend at church but was wondering if I should be doing anything or why he hasn't contacted me. I'd love for us to hang out again but since I was the last one to initiate texting, I'd prefer/I'm waiting for him to contact me somehow.

Any suggestions? Advice? Currently, I'm just waiting until I see him this weekend and we'll go from there.


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  • Theres no harm in waiting for the will come by fast. Maybe he was busy when he got back or just so exhausted and wanted time to he hasn't been bothered. I'm sure wen you see him on the weekend you guys will have that connection seems like you have a great connection with him and you suit each other. So just wait..since you texted last...and ure gona see him on the weekend anyways...if you don't see him by the weekend you can text him then and juss ask him if ure wondering if he's back or not..and wether he wants to go for dinner or lunch or movies. good luck :) xo

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