How does he think of me?

I'm friends with this guy and a couple days ago we were hanging out and everything was very flirty. We were sitting next to each other very close and he was teasing me. Soon after he leaned in and kissed me. But it wasn't just a peck on the lips kiss it was full on making out. I'm worried that he doesn't really like me and only wants to hook up with me. He hasn't texted me but he told me a while ago that he's shy and doesn't always make a move because he's scared of rejection. I don't know what to do I like him but I don't know if he likes me. And I don't know if I should text him or wait for him to text me first.


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  • Well if he already told you he was a shy guy and feared rejection then you already have your answer. I think you should text him first and just bring up what happened. Let him know what you liked most or ask him what made him kiss you and see where the conversation will lead to.

    • Thanks I think I will(:

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