Why do guys date girls if they aren't into them and sex is out of question?

I am dating a guy, and lately, things have been WEIRD. Like, there were two days when he has NOT been texting me, so I decided to play HIS game and ignored him. He got it, we talked and I told him off nicely but to the point. He deeply apologized and promised things would change... He texts and calls me ever since then regularly, but we don't do things together! We have been only on ONE date, we hang out RARELY and mostly because I am the one suggesting it. We work together, and every guy at work wants me, but I feel like he doesn't really give a crap. He doesn't ever get jealous or anything, and to be honest, I am a pretty good looking girl. I don't understand what is going on, WHY he is dating me. Do guys tend to just "go with the flow"? I already let him know that sex is out of question because he doesn't make me feel like he feels anything for me. Should I break it off with him? Would it even hurt him? Cause I WOULD like to upset him at least a little bit, since I am more and more disappointed with our "relationship"., and I shouldn't be having to feel this way at ALL. I know what I am worth.


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  • If it's not working for you, you should break up with him.

    But you shouldn't focus on trying to hurt him, you should just let him go and be done with it.

    It's too much work to try and make someone mad.

    • Thank you for your response! That's what I am thinking too... But I don't understand then, why does he keep saying he cares if he doesn't?! Why he won't just stop...pretending? (I'm guessing that's what he's doing?) I mean guys usually don't do that, do they? If they don't feel it - it is what it is, they don't feel it. But he tries to keep me around for some reason, although our relationship right now is not great at all... And I've already considered him being a player, but he's not...

    • He may very well care about you as a person, but is unable to make the distinction.

    • Thank you!! :)

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  • this guy is no good. so break the strings before they all get tangled up. he doesn't care about u. he's using you for the time being that he has nobody else to fill up his useless time.

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