Should I contact or wait?

I met this guy one month ago at a dance club. He got my number. We've been texting and have gone on 5 dates. He only calls me to make plans. On Tuesday we went to a baseball game and the next day he left to go on a business trip. When he said bye to me on Tuesday he said "I'll see you next week" and I told him to have fun. I did not here from him Wednesday at all. On Thursday I sent a friendly text that said hope he is having fun. He responded with a nice text that he was and he hopes my day is going well. Today no communication. He gets back tomorrow. Should I wait for him to contact me next?


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  • I think at a certain point (that is after 5 dates), you guys should be able to talk without having a date set up. To be honest, you might chase him away a bit by asking him about it, but at the same time, if you don't start talking between dates, you can't think you'll have a great relationship. It's a toughie.

    For me at least, a couple of things.

    1. Girls take texting, facebook, too seriously, he may just not like it for fear of saying something wrong.

    2. He might just suck at texting.

  • Not at all! Wait if you want to but there is definately no problem with a friendly email/ text/ call. If he's busy he's busy. But he will appreciate it!


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