How to Respond to Online Dating Ad?

I wrote to a guy from the personals ad on craigslist. I'm relocating to the east coast in about a month, so I was online looking for jobs/apartments/ stuff...Anyway, I wrote him that I was moving "there" soon and said if he was interested, maybe we could hang out once I moved there, and I sent a pic with it (since he had a pic posted on his ad) So, he e-mailed me back less than 20 minutes later saying this:

Damn your hot! I want u!

What am I supposed to make of that? What does that really mean? Should I even write back or ignore it? What would I even say? I think he's cute but that's just odd...Or should I just write him after I move? We're in our early 30's.


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  • "Damn your hot!" off the bat should set off some alarms.

    1. Is that how men in there 30's talk? I'm 25, and would imagine regardless of how attractive you were, that those words would not come out of my mouth. Hey, maybe I'd think it lol, but definitely have more etiquette than that. And I'm sure most guys do too.

    2. He followed that with "I want u!" I get it. Sometimes we are just looking for a hook up, even on craigslist. I know lol. And maybe you are or maybe you aren't. Buuuuut, I think more than likely that's ALL he is looking for. And if he's that forward about with ( who he hasn't even met) you have to wonder how must be acting with girls that DO live in the area. Sounds like he's willing to do anything that moves and hit the jackpot with someone as attractive as you.


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