I think one of my really great close guy friends likes me, and I'm falling for him, but when...

i ask him he says you don't need a guy like me in your life. Why is that? We hang out all the time, we go out to movies, dinners, talk on the phone for hours at a time, if I bring up a guy he either tries to one up him or degrades them in some form, if I'm having a bad day he won't let me stay down, when I talk about what I'm looking for in someone he mentions he has all those qualities, he makes me laugh nonstop, but also knows when to be serious. all I would like to know is do I have a shot with this guy or should we stay friends? When I asked him if he ever would date me he said no because as previously stated, "u don't need a guy like me in your life"


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  • Hang on... he downplays any guy you bring up... you don't think he might be afraid that you'd get a Boyfriend that wasn't him, do you? Hmm, hard to say...

    • This is why I need some serious help. I want to see him happy even if its not with me, but I know I can make him so happy. we've both been through a lot and everything. but I want to know where to go from here

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  • He doesn't have the balls to just say it, so he's hoping you'll do the work FOR him and say "Yes I DO need a guy like you."


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  • I guess there is still a shot.

    He just might be playing hard to get or trying to be all cool and stuff.

    Then again, he just might be overly protective of you and doesn't want anything to happen to you, which is why he degrades every guy you talk about and even hangs out with you all the time.

    This is a very confusing situation but you could try to talk to him. And ask why you can't be together.

    And explain to him that he completely contradicted what he said.

    If he said that you don't need a guy like him in your life, that doesn't make sense since he is in your life. Hello! He's your best guy friend. O_o