What are the keys to keeping a girl you have been dating for awhile (3 months) interested?

I was told to keep a challenge, which I have done well. I know to create special moments, which I do. But one of the biggest things I need help with is contact between her and I. We both live busy lives and see each other twice a week. We are both so busy that we don't really have time to talk on the phone because we are working or with other people. But what I do need to know is how often I should be texting her..


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  • this is my tip, it's up to you if you are going to do it..try not to text her for a whole week, just control yourself from texting her..do you think she STILL loves you? if you think she does then she'll miss you...that's proven, then she'll be looking forward to seeing you again..distance and busy schedules never separate two hearts that REALLY care.this works in a relationship that has flame that is still burning even if you are both busy.. I can feel that you love her so much. I hope you understand my point..TRYST.


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  • as a girl,i loved to be texted at least twice a day, becaue if you text a girl very often like 6 times in a day, she'll get tired of you easily and irritated even if she is already your girlfriend..there should always be a challenge in a relationship, make her miss you, I'm a girl, I know and I have some girl friends who are also like that..that's a tip.

    • Do you mean like send her two text messages a day?

      And it would be amazing If you could explain how to keep a challenge In the relationship and for me to make her miss me.


  • You don't need to text her often. Every so often send her a quick little text saying something like your thinking about her or that you hope she's doing good. She'll like the fact that your thinking about her.


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