Why is he doing all of this?

I met this guy about four years ago we became really close friends, he even tried to kiss me. Everyone says he likes me, but last night I went to a friends house and he came over to my house with his mom. My sister asked him if he liked me and he said as a friend and that it will never change then changed the subject. He then kissed my sisters friend that is 3 years younger than him. Once they got home my sister and him were talking about me again and he said the same thing, she decided to ask him what would happen if he had a dream about me, so he stuttered then changed the subject. He asked my sisters friend if she was a virgin and she said no. Then he kissed her again. What in the world is going on he tries kissing me a few months ago and we cuddled for 2 hours one night talking and he changes to stuff that I like then goes off and kisses this other girl.? Does he not like me or is he just playing me?


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  • Hello. rocket-boy My is Antigona I am from Macedonia and I live in Franc. I want to tell you something don't say trust is a lie,is not all the people same believ me if you want to know somebady lie to you if he tell you one story ask him same story after one week and if he dosen say same story like he told you before he is lie to you , believ me many people forget what he lie trust me hapen in my life the tell me th story when I ask after one week say somethig else after two weeks I ask something else say every time differnet story and after I tell her why you are not onest when you say before hapen for me something and you start to tell the story its mean he don't hapen to her or him because when you say something true never you will not forget never in your life also if you ask you after 1years I hate the people hu lie is beter to be onest in beging if you see sombady he lie to you the best things is to kick I'm out of your life. and to contiune your life. and live your life. I am sory my english is not so good I start to forget english language. if you like to be contact as friend with me this is my email antigonanikci@hotmail.com

    Wish you the best


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  • I think you should ask him "What the hell is going on?"

    He might be trying to make you jealous by purposely hinting at those questions. He might not even like this girl but he also may be playing you. I don't think he doesn't like you, I think he feels rejected that you wouldn't kiss him.

    Either way, if he starts being retarted about it and can't handle a normal conversation about it with you, then I think you should put your friendship on the line. No guy is ever worth the stress or the trouble.

    If he continues to be stupid, take it on the chin; grind his sorry ass and move on [:

    Hope I helped [;

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