Personality "type". Do some people have more trouble finding dates because they're incompatible?

I am an ENTP. My ideal matches based on personality type make up a very small percentage of the female population... maybe 10-15%. Other personality types (especially sensing types) might be compatible with 50% or more of the population. Do these differences have an impact on a person's dating success?


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  • Nah, I've dated people similar to me and people who couldn't be more different. I've taken the same personality test, I'm not certain but I think I had more or less the same result you did. I remember that I was one of only two people in my university class to get that type. I barely remember as we took it as a team building exercise about two years ago.

    • Jonny... If I had to guess from your response I would say that you are a sensor and.... if I had to go further out on a limb I would say an artisan personality type.

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  • It shouldn't be hard to find a date. If you like someone - try it out. Don't rely on these kind of tests.

    If you think that it's best to stick to people of certain personality tests then I would suggest using online dating where they match you up using statistics from these kinds of things. You'll be able to find matches more easily this way.

    In the past I have oddly found that horoscope signs actually do describe my partners and our relationship - if that helps at all.



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  • I assume we're talking Meyers-Briggs?

    10-15% isn't a 'very small percentage'.

    • We're talking about meyers-briggs. By the way... 10-15% given 4-6 personality types is an incredibly small percentage. Single personality types exceed those combined totals, not to mention any combination of more popular personality types that may give a personal ideal or near ideal matches with well over 50%. Intuitives are a select group.

    • As an INTP I'm not impressed ;)

      Where did you find which types are your 'ideal matches'? Let's compare our misery :p