He calls but never replies to my texts, help! What's going on?

There's this guy I've been getting to know. We were introduced through mutual friends. We went out of 4 dates and things went well I could tell he was very attracted to me and so was I. When we first met, we never spoke on the phone cos we're both shy and I wasn't ready for it so mainly texted and it was exciting. Now he calls me every 2/3 days and we speak for hours. Problem is he doesn't reply to my texts and I am scared to call him cos incase I get rejected. He's busy cos he runs his own restaurant so doesn't get home til late but we manage to talk. He has told my friend he really likes me and his best mate too and that when we see each other next he will make a move (as in declare it). But how come he doesn't reply to my texts like he used to before? Please help!

Guys especially what you make of this, is this something you'd do or have done and why? Thanks everyone


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  • Here's a thought, ask him? Don't act bothered by it though.

    • Lol that's the thing I don't want to ask him because I don't want to seem bothered

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    • Cool! Thanks I am going to ask him just like that, I love it cos I could use it for other stuff too

    • Glad to help :) haha

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