He kisses me, and then cuts me off?

A guy in my marching band, and was in my English class for awhile. I knew him, he knew me, we were cool with each other, but it was no big deal, no best friend friendship or anything. So over the summer, we start talking. We start liking each other. We all go out with friends, and when no one can see, he kisses me. Holds my hand during the movie. Texts me all night later on :)

That was about a month or two ago. Ever since then, he's kissed me twice. We've had conversation about relationships. I explained to him hat I didn't want to go out IMMEDIATELY, because dating guys on impulse has gotten me into a lot of sh*t in the past year. He says he really likes me, and urged me to go ahead, but said he would wait for me. Asked "what if I don't like you anymore then?" I tell him "I'll deal." He says "You won't have to, I'll still like you"

So, he tells both my best friends "When do I tell her I love her"

They don't tell me about it, I'm completely oblivious to this so called "love" of his.

Then, maybe 2 days before I was going to cave in anyways, he gives up on me. Ignores my texts, doesn't hang out with me, doesn't say hi or even look at me. It's even worse than a year ago when we didn't even know each other. He noticed THAT MUCH LESS.

Did I do something wrong? Was it asking him to wait? What's happening and how can I fix it? I haven't talked to him in three weeks and it's hurting me. Help me, please.


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  • Sometimes guys can have trouble figuring out how a girl feels about them. He probably felt intimidated when you said that you didn't want to date; that's a comment that can be easily misunderstood as: "I don't like you but don't want to offend you by flat-out telling you that." Just find an opportunity to let him know that you really DO like him, and he'll come around once he understands.

  • As I guy, I know about guys: what they like, what they don't. Trust me, it's no use getting a new couch to impress him - it will only make things worse. Don't make the same mistake my parents did!


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