Too desperate to date?!


This boy said he likes me, but thinks I'm a bit desperate so that's his reason for not asking me out etc...

I thought we were friends (although, secretly I do like him a lot) so I spoke to him about my ex, and a few other boys I've been texting... and I tried to help him out with this other girl he likes...

But anyway, I found it out yesterday :/ I'm a little hurt to be honest. Is there any way to get to him to change his mind about me?

Thanks x


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    Please, be reasonable and keep your emotions straight to yourself, since guys DO see the desperate woman who has a frantic desire for a serious commitment. They think that such women are “undateable.” Such words as the need to get married by the time she’s 30 is something that eliminates any hope of a serious and healthy relationship. Read the following signs and never show them to men, otherwise, they will treat you like an undateable girl:

    Continuous series of relationships indicates the fact that you are afraid of being alone and you are ready to stand everything in order to be with him.

    Desperate women always plan everything, since they are always hunger, either for love&attention or for time. A guy becomes involved into those plans with a alarming speed. She acts like she has been in years together with this particular man.

    Such women always agree with their men. No matter the question, she is too desperate to lose a man, so her own opinion seems to be something really unimportant.

    read these signs and never ever allow yourself to be something like this!


    • Thanks! That helped :) x

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  • Your only choice is to change his mind by action rather than words. Nothing will change his mind until he sees it. Quit texting these other guys, quit talking about your ex boyfriend. Go out and do things and make him realize you don't need a guy and that you aren't desperate for a relationship and boys. Show him that you care about HIM. If he really likes you, he'll come back and he will want to be with you.

    But like I said, you need to stop doing what you're doing because all you're doing is driving him away. What guy wants to see the girl that he "likes" flirting/mingling with other guys? Especially talking about exboyfriends, no guy wants to hear about the exboyfriend because they feel you may still be stuck in the past and in that relationship and not ready to let go. So yeah, guys don't bring up exboyfriends unless they're trying to get to know you and your past relationships.

  • Hey :)

    I know from experience that guys do not like desperate girls. Yeah, I know you're scared he's gonna use you and dump you, he's gonna disappear and never call you again, blah blah blah. Truth is, there are guys out there who will use you and then just leave, but most guys will give a relationship a chance. If you just relax and try not to worry about if he likes you or not, and if he's going to stick around or not, you'll seem much more chill... and this is what guys like. I know just how difficult it is not to call him all the time, but trust me if you let him come to you... which he will if he likes you... it's much better in the long run. Aaaand although you don't want to wait for his call, if you have to wait too long then he's not going to call, he's not interested and he's also not the only guy in the world.


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