Should I cut him off or try to date him in the hopes something will rekindle?

I dated this guy for a couple of months. He told me he wanted to be exclusive and give a relationship a shot. He has never been in a serious relationship before (we are both 30). After a couple of month and after we finally hooked up, he decided he wasn't ready for a relationship and slammed on the breaks. He still wants to date and mess around, but also have the freedom to date other girls. I am so confused and hurt. Why would he stop something that was going so good. Should I cut him off or try to date him in the hopes something will rekindle?


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  • I think you should cut him off. The fact that he's never had a real girlfriend by age 30 was a bit of a red flag it itself. Unless he was the kind of guy who *couldn't* get a girlfriend by then, it seems to me that he just can't quit the player lifestyle. It's hard to say whether the whole thing was just a ploy to sleep with you, since I'm gathering you waited to sleep with him until you were official. But the problem with these kind of guys is that they cannot settle after sex. Once they've won the prize they lose interest and are on to the next one. I can't see anything you've done wrong here, he was just a bad choice of guy who's apparently pretty good at this whole player act.

    Guys who have reached 30 and are still acting like 20 year old frat boys in college have to fix themselves. They're to the point where a good woman stepping into their lives won't change anything, as they won't appreciate her. He has to get over his issues on his own, but it doesn't look like it'll be anytime soon, or EVER. I'd get out now before you're hurt even worse. The only thing he'll do now is pretend like he's changing his mind so he can get sex from you.

    Plus, do you really want to be with a man who had you, slept with you, built a connection with you, and then said, "eh I think I wanna sleep with other people." You deserve more!

  • he's a player... have you thought of that? maybe he wants to play around and it's more fun for him... get another boyfriend