Why do guys not text back?

I know he's busy and I know he still wants to be friends/possibly more than friends. but come on, how long does it take to text back after a day? I never see this guy anymore because he works so much, and I feel like texting is all I have left. He's so sweet, but he makes me feel like I'm not worth it because he doesn't find time for me. I also feel like once I see him again in person, we'll be fine. The problem is, getting him there. I haven't seen him in 3 weeks and I think he thinks it'll be weird. Idk. Help!


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  • texting is sucha stupid thing really. you can text nonstop for two hours, and then when you don't get a reply you start wondering what has happened and get all paranoid.

    when you are at the state of a relationship that you are, I would probably have the same response as this guy. you don't feel like you need to respond even though you probably should, you just think oh yeah il see her in a week and well chat then.

    i don't think he will be thinking its going to be weird, the only way it is going to be weird is if by him not texting you, he is basically saying he is not interested. but I would steer towards my first reasoning (purely because that is what I'm like)

    i wouldn't stress my friend you will be right


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  • Well I am exactly like that guy. When ever a guy text il take my time because I'm busy or other times il forget or I won't text back because the feeling of being with someone gets me all weird. So instead of texting him give him a call he has no choice but to answer the phone