Who should I pick? Guy 1 or Guy 2?

So I've been with guy1 for about to 2 years. We've been very complicated & broke up twice during that time. In the beginning we were just talking he never wanted to commit till the next year. He broke up with me once & we lost communication. Then we saw each other again & we started talking & got together in a relationship again but then he ended up breaking with me. Then weeks later he got a new girlfriend. I was heart broken & depressed. We still talked then they eventually broke up & we got back. So far we're good. He's honest & got a job because my parents didn't like how he didn't have a job. I can tell he's trying to make it up to me & everything but then this guy2 that I've always had feelings for called me a few says ago & said he wanted me to be his girlfriend. This guy has a job & has a future. Guy1 has a job but just parties & is too chill. Guy2 is the perfect guy & my parents would love him. My family means a lot to me & their opinion matters to me. I don't know if I should stay with guy1- the guy who my parents don't approve, is too chill & gets drunk a lot but we have history or guy2- the guy with a future & my parents like & we have a good time.

What to do ? Help !


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  • i say you give guy 2 a shot and never go back to guy1 ever again. make a decision and stick with it. It may or may not work with guy2 but you should definitely be done with guy1.

  • i think guy 2. try something different from guy1. he did his thing before,. he broke up with you 2ice and dated other women. it's your turn to do something for you.


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