How to win him over?

I find myself falling in love with my neighbor. Although there is one problem: he has a girlfriend. Although, she isn't right for him, he admitted it one night when we were talking about everything in our lives. He said none of his friends like her and he admitted that she gets on his nerves a LOT of the time. Which confuses me because I don't know how I should feel about him when he's opening up all the time and when he comes over, like I woke up and he was mowing my lawn? His brother and his family also don't like her. I need to know how I could show him, in simple terms, that if he is getting sick of her complaining to him, that I would never do that, and I want to let him know that I think he is perfect in every single way. I want him to see this and then realize that she keeps asking him to change, and that he's not changing for the better. Can anybody give me advice on letting him know that I might be a better choice? How do I let him know without it getting awkward if he doesn't feel the same way? Especially since he's my neighbor.

Oh and there is one other problem to this, we "dated" when we were younger. It was foolish and it didn't amount to much more than a one week fling a little more than a year ago. HELP!


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  • Um...don't try to push a rope.

    There's boundary issues all over the place here. Yours, his, his girlfriend's.

    It will play out in time. Time. But be ready to move on. In fact, you might find a better deal.


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