Do you think 17 years is a big age gap ?

17 I'm 20 and he is 37 were really in love and want a relationship more than what we have but were afraid of the age gap and what people would think ?

what all yer opinions ?

thanks so much :) xD


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  • If the love is there, who cares what the world thinks!


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  • I've heard that age doesn't matter that much. as long as you two really love each other and are committed to work out for the rest of your lives.

    The only thing is to consider would be the way he treats you: does he get violent? Does he use you for money or sex? does he treat you bad in front of his family/friends/anyone? does he steal/lie/cheat? is he the kind of man you can see with the rest of yourlife? do you BOTH know what you want in a mate, and do you both know who you are at this time of your life?

    those are the right questions that I would ask before falling madly in love. I mean, age is some times just a number. I had friends with guys between the ages of 19-33 and I was 22-23. And if you are in love you don't care too much of what people will think. My guy is Irish and I'm asian and my asian family hated that I didn't date an asian and his family didn't like it that he was talking to an asian girl... it's like that. but who really cares when we are happy together and we're both not gonig to seperate for them? Are you going to seperate just because people don't like it? That's your own fault if you really love the guy... so don't. Think for yourself, be yourself not what others want you to be and do.

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