Why he keeps emailing but never calls? Is he interested?

OK, so I met this guy online and a couple days ago we met in person for the first time. I know that we both enjoy talking to each other online, but the date was just not that great. I guess he is a really shy guy.

Anyways, after the date he still keeps emailing me, just about anything on a daily basis and asking me how my day was etc. He never called me alto he has my phone number and never mentioned about an other date on his emails.

I'm not sure if he is interested in anything or just likes to email people? So I didn't answer his last email since this weekend.

What do you guys think? Should I email him or call him? Should I say something about meeting again?



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  • I never call anyone if I can avoid it.

    The phone makes me nervous.

    Maybe that's it.

    And maybe he wants you to ask for the second date because he's afraid you're not interested.

    Have you mentioned a second date?

    Or maybe email is just more easily accessible to him.

    Just don't make him your top priority and let whatever happens happen.

    • Well, we are working and email is certainly a very convenient way of communicating. I really don't wanna be the one who asks him. So, I haven't replied to his last email since Sunday. He was just asking about my weekend and telling me what he has been up to. I guess I will wait until he sends me an other email (or prefer if he calls...)

      I don't wanna keep emailing him. It seems endless.... and I am not sure if he is doing it just to be friendly...

    • Well, if you just stop responding he'll think you're not interested in him.

      Why not just ask him about the email thing.

      Everyone likes honesty so he might appreciate when you ask him straight-up "Hey, how come you never call me? I feel like you're only emailing me so my feelings aren't hurt."