She did not call back, but feel like I should try again, what should I say?

This is a continued question from one I posted before. To sum it up, I asked this girl our, she said was busy that weekend and she will call back on a specific day. Its been 3 days since that day and still nothing. I honestly believed that she liked me at some level before this whole fiasco happened. I don't want to come off as desperate, but I don't want to give up so easily either. Would it be foolish of me to just give her a call back? would it be wise to try to ask her out again? or maybe text her something? If you think I should call/text her back, what should I say?

I want to know if I'm on her mind at all, of if she just forgot to call back because she deemed it not important enough to remember.


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  • Text her. Just keep it simple, and kewl.

    "Hey, how are you doing?"

    "Hi beautiful, just wondering when you're getting back. Call me when you do :)"

    "Hey gorgeous, remember me? :p "

    Just some samples.

    If she cares, she will reply to it. Or call.

    If she doesn't reply, then move on, and find someone else to waste your thoughts on.

    There are some girls who say "Yeah, I'll call you" just to be nice. Or to lead you on because they want to keep you around, for the attention.

    You waited, and you texted, if she still doesn't respond, then you know what she really meant.

    And to answer the last question. I am sure you are on her mind, but not in the way you wish you were. Because if she was thinking about you the way you are thinking about her now, then she wouldve called, or at least texted you.

    And if she cared, she wouldn't leave you hanging like this.

    If you liked a girl, you wouldn't "forget" to call her, right?


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