Fourth date/Texting too much?

I met this guy on facebook, and he's currently in his fourth year of medical school. The first date, we played some pool and darts, and made out a little bit, but I told him I wanted to wait to get to fourth base, and he seemed okay with it. He really seemed as if he wanted to see me again, so we saw each other a second time four days later, and he took me to a nice restaurant downtown where we got a drink. I got a little tipsy both times because I'm a lightweight. The third date was a little lighter, he taught me to drive a stick shift, although we did go to 3th base. The fourth date, we went to third base as well after watching a movie at his place. He came down with a bad cold the weekend before, so that distanced us a little, but I texted him mainly to see if he was okay, and he wasn't very good at responding. He somewhat led me to believe we may get together again on the weekend, so I texted him about it on Saturday (the day after the fourth date) so I could be ready after work, and I got no response. I texted him again Sunday at noon and asked if he was keeping busy, and he texts me back four hours later and told me yes and that his residency application was going very slowly (he evidently had just started it and wanted it in less than two weeks later). We carried on a conversation for a little while, then I asked him a couple of questions through text pertaining to the conversation and never got a response. Then I told him if he wanted to get together the coming weekend to let me know, although I know he was pretty busy, and I got no response. Then I finally texted him and asked him if I text too much, and I got nothing. I didn't hear from him again two days later, so I texted him and asked him how his app is coming, and I have yet to hear from him two hours later. I know he must be busy, but he told me rotations should let out on normal time around 6-6:30 during the week, although I told him I work during most evenings that week. I feel as if I have blown up his phone with texts, and he's probably done with me, but I also know he has a busy schedule. I don't know what to do if I don't hear from him again. He seemed to be really into me whenever we would hang out, but then it seems he has a hard time keeping contact with me. We haven't really discussed anything serious, like if he is seeing other people. I'm not sure where things are headed or what to do at this point. At one point, he told me he would have to see about this week because he has to get past this application process, which I'm sure can be a pain. But I would think he could at least keep contact with me. I hope he doesn't think of me as just a form of booty call, but he didn't particularly leave that impression.


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