How do I make her understand that I don't need to be pampered/looked after?

I am someone who is quite capable of doings things myself, i don't want someone to say make me breakfast in bed on my birthday; i can do that myself. I don't need someone to maake me dinner after a long day at work; i can do that myseelf

I don't need to be 'validated', for me having the women there is enough validation for me. I'm perfectly happy doing it for them, but i don't need or want it done to me

Problem is i'm finding it hard to make this women i'm speaking to understand that i doon't need someone to do that for me; i can take care of myself; ii've been doing so for the past 6 years


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  • You are a dick just let her serve you this makes her happy every girl is worried about his boyfriend this makes her satisfy that she is taking care of you like you do bro

    • I don't need her to look after me or "serve me" as you put it; i can handle myself

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    • No brother do you help her in any way? Do you take her for shoping or something then she also should feel the same? It's not like that being toghter means that you will take care of her and she will take care of you like you take oth in marriage same like that or if you are that insisting tell her how you feel I guess she will understand

    • We aren't together yet, but i'm more than happy to do things for her; i want to. But i don't need her to do the same

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