Does no life goals bother you?

My dad was fortunate enough to make enough money in his time to where I don’t have to work, probably ever. I graduated college a few years back and haven’t had a job since. Everyday I get up, at what ever time suits me, usually round 10. I go to the gym, eat lunch, study, watch a little tv... sometimes I shop, some days I do a two a day gym, take my sea-doo out during warmer months. I have a truck, a motorcycle and a home. I stay busy, I’m happy with my life and see no point in getting a job or volunteering etc etc.
I have been dating lately through bumble and I match with girls they immediately start asking what I do for a living and when I say I don’t work they kick rocks... I don’t see the issue. What’s the problem? Also had my last girl I was dating stop hanging out because I had “no life goals.”
I have goals, just not the goals most people have because I don’t need those goals. It’s not necessary for me to hard charge a career, or get more education etc.


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  • That's an interesting question for an interesting concept!
    Of course I don't have the perfect answer for you, but there's a few things that come to mind.
    Comparability. Basically, we always compare us to another person, especially when they are new to our lives, we do a lot of judging. First impressions are the most important ones and so on. And just because your life is different, you're being alienated by the girls you're talking to who are probably busy working/studying or whatever.
    Envy probably also plays a factor. I suppose more subconsciously than anything else, but talking to a guy who doesn't have to do anything while they are working could feel like a kick in the butt.
    The third thing I could think of are future prospects. When dating another person you want to grow together, and that's borderline impossible when someone else doesn't have anything he wants to grow towards. Compare it to a stay at home-mom without the children. The working one would get bored of the other person's lifestyle rather quickly, and points 1 and 2 come back around.

    It's not your fault, but that' some of the stuff I could think of.

  • Let me give you some advice: Nothing gets a vagina dryer than a guy with no ambition or drive.

    • Well they usually stick around once they figure my situation out. I don’t want a girl who’s all a sudden on board when she sees my stuff though. The last girl I think was tired of working 55 hours a week and coming to see my chipper ass on the weekend.

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