Help! Will he give up on me after time or not?

There's this guy I've been talking to for a while on an app and I feel like we have chemistry and we get a long well. At first he was looking for sex so he told me upfront but I told him I'm not looking for that and as time passed and we spoke he no longer brought up that topic and said he likes talking to me and he finds me interesting. If seems like he is more interested in me now, the problem is that he asks me out all the time to go to parties or a bar with him at the last minute I'm guessing it's a date.. and I have put on a lot of weight and my hair is a mess. He doesn't know what I look like and I don't know what he looks like either but he doesn't seem to care for that anymore because he is more interested in my personality. My problem is I want to go out with him but I feel like shit ATM and I need some tips on how to get ready for it and how to tell him we can meet another time without him getting insulted or giving up on me BecUse I don't want to lose him.
Also he texts everyday which is a big sign of him becoming more serious in my opinion, what do u think?
He said if u don't want to go to the party we can hang out and I joked about doing his makeup and he agreed lol. He tries very hard to make me feel comfortable in order to go meet him which I find cute I'm just afraid of losing him.


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  • Sounds likes he's really into you, so if you give a valid reason he probably won't give up. I'd say just go and meet him, be casual about it. Keep sex of the table. If you really wanna skip this time say you have your period cramps.

  • A big problem that most people have is do they look good to the other person. One of the benefits of no photo means you can change who you are in a moments time and not be judged. Everything you feel you can work on work on it. If you dont like your hair. Comb and fix it or go to a hair stylist. If you feel self conscious about your weight. I would say fuck him. There's one thing to always remeber no one just gets to have you for a little bit of attention. You are a diamond and don't forget it. Someone will want you on their finger. Many will. You just have to make sure you remeber your worth!


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