I told him I was going to call him today. Should I actually call him though?

I met a guy just about a month ago. Everything was great…still is? He texted me throughout the day, everyday! I don’t know, he kind of just completely stopped texting me =( and I told myself to wait, that he will eventually text me. So two days pass by and he finally texts me, late at night. I didn’t respond, because I was about to go to bed. The next day I didn’t respond either. But I saw him at the gym…I’m always in the cardio room (he knows that too! but I’ve never seen him in there) and yesterday guess who comes walking into the cardio room? I think he did it on purpose. We talked, I was friendly! Anyways, when I left I sent him a smiley face text…no response. So called my friend for some advice and she convinced me to text him to tell him that "I know it’s late but I was thinking about him and that I would give him a call tomorrow."

I haven’t gotten a response back yet…Should I actually call him today? Or will I be making a BIG mistake?


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  • he prob stopped txtng you because he was alwas the first one to do so. That's not bad but maybe he thought "hang on, maybe she's not interested"/ Let him text you like 7/10 time and you text him 3/10.

    Hmmm... at the gym pretty obvious he was there on purpose.

    What is with your smiley text msg? You can't really reply to that.

    Your last message said that you will call him. This text doesn't need a response. Just call him like you said you would. I think he is waiting. :)

    • Thanks, you got it right on point. I've never really the first to start a conversation. Hopefully you're right! Hopefully he picks up lol!

    • Hey! So, did he pick up? What happened?

      Remember that guys to like the chase but can only chase for so long. You should let them chase you and then reward them, then let them chase you agai. You get my point :)

    • He didn't pick up! whateves, at least I got my answer!

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