Would you “judge” someones intentions by the friends he has?

I have been dating this guy for like 3 weeks. I’m looking for something more than just going out, I want a boyfriend. Everything was going fine until I met his friends last week. They are the type of guys that get drunk every weekend and have different girls. One of them is 30, the other 21 and the other 23 everyone single, the guy I know he is 24.
I dont want to judge by his friends what he wants, but I tend to think that if all of a guys friends are single he would like to follow their path and have fun at clubs and stuff, but that is what I would think.
I need to hear opinions.
Until now he was pretty good guy, until this week where I told him I would like to go out with him and he avoided the subject.


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  • I know they say we shouldn't be so quick to judge but I honestly would. If his friends have bad intentions, it makes me second guess.


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  • I do judge people by the people they are usually with.
    After all, a man is known by the company he keeps.


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