I have a crush on female roommate. What to do?

I like my roommate a lot, but I'm not sure whether she feels anything similar. We met two months ago, she's 23 and I'm 22, and we're both still in college. We've talked a lot, we flirt, tease eachother, etc. We've made parties in the house and we've invited eachother to other people's, and she always seems to have an eye on me, tries flirting with me, dances with me...

I've not made any moves at all because I was terrified of how uncomfortable it would be for both of us if I was wrong, and I think that has cost me getting friendzoned. Only yesterday we hugged a couple times, and as she released the hug she kept her head to the side avoiding eye contact. But then she wants to keep hanging out with me for hours after the conversation has burned out, which is very weird considering she's way more sociable than me.

┬┐Do I just try to kiss her, or is it too obvious that she only sees me as a friend for the moment?


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  • You need to test the water. Talk to her about a girl you think is attractive. If she gets jealous, she probably likes you.

    Tell her you think she's attractive. Friends can compliment each other just don't sound creepy. Be sincere and boost her confidence. See her reaction if and you will know how she feels about you.

    Finally, find an excuse for touching. Plan a movie night just you and her. Or a picnic at the park. Something intimate to see if she will cuddle or hold hands.

  • Google it


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