Will anything make you reconsider a woman?

I recently moved to another country and don't really know too many people. I met this guy, and we completely hit it off but the last time I saw him I was different, insecure, overthinking. And he could see that. We spoke a couple days later. Then I called him but he hadn't finished work (he sounded happy to hear from me though) so I told him to call me when he had.
Well he didn't call back and I went nuts. I asked if he was ghosting me and of course I got no reply. Then I sent the not nice to ignore me blah blah could have been friends. It's so embarassing. And I tried to call him. I got nothing.
I know I was too much.
Its been nearly a month since I tried to contact him.
i want to get in touch. If a girl text you saying she knows she was abit much? Not herself. Would it make a difference?


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  • I always give a second chance. So should any sensible man. You haven't done anything disastrous yet so I don't understand his motives. Guess he didn't like you enough after all.

  • Not to me. Sorry. I'd be thinking that you showed your true face, and now are trying to hide it.

  • Try you have nothing to lose, if he keeps ignoring you then move on


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