INFP guy here. How can I attract the right woman?

I have recently taken the personality test at the link that has been floating around here the last day or two and got INFP.

I think this is pretty accurate for myself and there's the little bit about only 4% of people are INFP's and it results in us being "easily misunderstood" and I have certainly felt that growing up, even to this day in some aspects. It seems like I overthink things, or consider every possible scenario, sometimes it makes accomplishing tasks difficult but only because I want to do things right, or the best way.

But in general, people don't often seem to consider that I'm actually considering the outside world around me before I choose to act a certain way. I haven't had a lot of close friends in my life. With women, I have always struggled. My standards are very high, and I have done enough in my young life where I feel it is justified, but still, I have trouble even just attracting a girl. Many people seem to find me "mature for my age" and maybe that just makes me hard to connect with or relate to?

I really dont know. But now, I'm the best I've ever been about being social, going out for fun evenings with friends, just living life. But to just be able to attract a great woman and have some really great friends, not only male but female too, in my life, that REALLY know and understand me well, that would be really great.

Don't get me wrong, I have some and I am grateful for those people, but sometimes I wish I could just get that same kind of love and appreciation as the more outgoing and charismatic type of person gets.


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  • I just took the test. Lol I'm a protagonist. It was kind of creepy reading about my general traits and relating them to my life. Pretty dead on. Definitely explains why I always find myself on this site trying to solve people's problems... the internal need to help others.


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