She likes me but said it wasn't a good time for her. Since then, I think she's back to liking me,. How do I ask and get the date with time?

I know this girl had a major crush on me. She told me she would have went to prom with me, said we were practically dating. She did everything short of actually saying she liked me. Now, at the time, I liked another girl, but that went south over the summer

When school started this year, she continued to show all these signs of liking me. I realized I liked her too, so i added her on Snap and we started talking every night, getting to know each other

This went on for about a month or two, and the reason i didn't ask her was because i knew a friend also liked her. She talked to this friend as well, and he asked her out eventually. She told him she likes him but she doesn't feel like she would be a good girlfriend and her parents are strict. They haven't talked since then.

after rejecting my friend, she still talked and showed signs of liking me a lot, so i asked her out about a week later.

She said she loves me & im so much fun to talk to, but now isn't a good time for her and she needs to focus on other things for a bit.

I was confused by that, so i said i understand, but we should get together "when the time is right" (meaning in a few weeks). She responded with : yes! Your so cute!!!

So, its been two weeks since then. At first i distanced myself a little from here, but i gradually started to talk to her a lot again.

I told her i missed her and wanted to start texting again (we would still talk in school) I've been pretty open about liking her, complimenting her a lot and stuff.

She still shows sign of liking me. sometimes she acts a little more nervous and distant now, and then other times she still says hi or texts me first and stares at me and everything. I've noticed her sending me stuff back quicker and with cute pics of her and all.

I think she did like me but didn't think i liked her and now isn't sure how to act or what to do, but I don't know

so anyway, does it sound like she's interested and how should i make sure i get the date with her this time around?


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