Does my friends with benefits want something more serious?

I've been seeing this guy as a friends with benefits for about a month now. We met through a group of friends so were more acquaintances than friends, but have been seeing each other lately 1-2x per week.

I'm wondering if he secretly wants to be more? He's asked me out to dinner a couple times and has talked about other plans. He loves to cuddle and sleep over. He often says I'm "amazing" or similar and texts and calls throughout the day. Sleeping with him is incredible and feels very intimate. He gazes into my eyes a lot and acts super affectionate. I've met a few of his friends and he invited me to a party recently with all of his family and friends from home (unfortunately I couldn't make it).

BUT he has not asked to be exclusive, and hasn't even asked if I'm dating or sleeping with anyone else. Sometimes a few days will go by where we won't talk or communicate.

I do plan to ask him about all of this directly - just curious what other people think. Is this normal friends with benefits behavior?


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  • Yes he does because trust me no man does that when they could just"smash and dash"

  • Why don't you ask him?

    • Yes, I already plan to - thanks!

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