Tinder guy keeps blocking up to 2 mth at a time me but always gets back to me WTF?

hi there. I met a guy on tinder while on vacation. we never got a chance to meet, so we started chatting. there was such a crazy immediate spark on both sides, so we called each other. - every day for about 6 hours a day for 3 4 weeks. we would even go to bed with the freaking phone. after a while things got really out of control cause we couldn't see each other and spent to much time on the phone. I think it got to much for him. I would call him and suddenly he got so irritated and mad, I was in such shock cause up to this moment he was the sweetest guy ever. I realized this guy has a super bad temper. I said ok no problem and kept cool. I realized with time that he s totally lost, not having a job at the moment, having to live with his mom etc... since then things took a different turn... we wouldn't call anymore, just text, many times I saw him online but he didn't even reply to my txts right away which totally pissed me off and I started telling him if he doesn't want me, he should tell me and not play games. he said keep cool, we are just friends, " we meet and we ll see" he said. I see him writing online, not replying to me I just wanted attention and manors or honestly at least or a direct answer. we have this crazy sexual connection and he feels the same way. he blocks me for long periods and always comes back saying he doesn't want to talk about old stuff anymore, basically saying he wants to start new. but again I feel like he s not making enough effort... writing one word lines... not replying on time... just shitty vibes. and then when I saying sthg again like what s up he s always avoiding me... dinner, training blabblala... no effort there... yes pls tell this guy is a total ashole and I should move and then pls also tell me how... ahhaha. THANKS
by the way... he blocked me for a week, then once for 2 then for 2 month and then right away again... this has been going on for 6 month.


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  • How is he an asshole? I'm sorry to say, but you're delusional and I mean that in the nicest way possible. Look, it's clear that you're really into this guy and this guy was into you as well. He probably found you attractive and fun to talk to. Having said that, no man is going to invest that much (talking 6 hours a day) into a girl he's not with, hell I wouldn't even invest that much in my girlfriend, I got shit to do. What's the point? People have lives. You came off as super clingy (like level 10 clingy) and he had enough.
    I would have blocked you too to be brutally honest, you're just wayyyyy too much. You need to learn how to step on the breaks and not be so full on. You chased this guy out of your life. I'm guessing you two live really far away from each other so nothing will ever come of this. Forget this guy and find someone else who lives nearby and don't become super clingy like you did with this guy. Best of luck.


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