Does my co-worker have a crush on me?

Maybe this question will work better in this section, so here it goes.

So at place I work at (a restaurant) we got a new server and for the past month or so I've wondered if she might have a crush on me. The other servers will usually do their own thing unless you're talking to them, but I've caught her just looking at me at times and then quickly looking away if I turn look back. And then for a long time she would act nervously if I talked to her, which I found odd since at first I almost never talked to her unless it was to tell her that an order was up. And when I say nervous I mean sort of tripping over her words if I asked her how she was or just seeming kind of at a loss to say much. The one time I came in to eat with some friends of mine she was my server and focused a lot on me during when we were there and I was usually served first but I chalked that up to me being a fellow staff member. Other times I'll notice that shifts have been changed so that she works on days that I work on. Other times though it seems like she might not; she doesn't try to talk to me on her own and if she smiles at me it's a small one not anything big. I dunno, it's a bit mixed.

I mean, I would like to ask her out because she is nice and pretty cute, but at the same time I need some second opinions because I also wouldn't want things to be awkward at work in case she doesn't and says no.



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  • Here are a few things to take into consideration:

    First, when in a new situation, where I'm asked to talk to people higher up than I, I get nervous -- tripping over my feet nervous -- as I am afraid to be too impolite or informal. She might be like that.

    Second, if you work at the same times every week and she is consistently choosing to work at that same time, I'd assume that she is just more available at those times.

    Those two things coupled with the fact that she doesn't initiate much would have me assume that she isn't hardcore crushing on you.

    But, you're the one there. You obviously feel that energy from her, and there is something to that.

    All in all, I say go for it, if you like her.

    • I'm not higher up that her in terms of our respective jobs. The only difference is that I've worked at this place for a little over a year now. But fair enough all around.

    • Forgot to mention that I haven't seen her act nervous towards others that actually are her superiors (such as senior serving staff).

    • I totally get you! I wasn't trying to say she wasn't into you, just giving some explanations for why she might be doing those things outside of her having a crush.

      If she is like that just for you, and you feel like that nervousness is coming from a place of crushing, then I also agree; it sounds like she likes you.

  • It's possible she likes you. Sometimes girls try to be discreet about it but we do fail at being discreet lol. Did you notice anything about her friends? Or fellow staff teasing her with you?


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