Sometimes he doesn't respond to my snaps?

So I've been talking to this guy I'm interested in from my highschool for about the past three months, and we snapchat each other every morning (just for our streaks), but then we usually start a conversation from there. Sometimes we'll be in the middle of a conversation and he just won't respond, even if I ask him a question. It'd be fine if this was a rare thing, but he does it every single day. I honestly just want to know why, like is he annoyed with me? I find it kind of rude if I ask a question about his day, about something he's doing, and he just leaves my snap on open.


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  • Everyday Snapchats is a bit of a commitment for some guys whether we think so or not. I was in the same predicament once before, but i was the guy who was ignorant. I just prefer face to face contact. Whenever i was slightly busy with something i would think "which is more important? This? Or this snap?" And majority of the time it is easiest to pick something other than the snap because you know you'll get stuck in a conversation and forget about other important things. As a whole, its easier to just hang out and talk for most guys.


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