Is my girlfriend being controlling or am I just naive?

So two days ago I was FaceTiming with my gfs friend and we were talking about her and what I got her for Christmas and I told my girlfriend and she was like you shouldn’t be talking to her “she swears and is vulgar and she talks way to much about sex” and I was like she wasn’t like that at all. So my girlfriend asked me to block the girl which I did and I’m now wondering if I should’ve. So I’m 16 and she’s 16 all my friends are girls and I message with most of them frequently. I’d never cheat on my girlfriend but I enjoy the company of other girls that are my friends
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  • She’s right and you shouldn’t be friends with other girls
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  • I’m right and she’s being controlling
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I would say that she's right if she's cool with you having girls as friends. Girls can usually sense other girls intentions. I wouldn't say she's being controling, just protective. I went out with a friend whos a guy a few months ago, and girls were definitely hitting on him and he was very oblivious😂😂. Its just a guy thing. Listen to you woman she should have your best interest at heart. Good luck


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  • You are right


What Guys Said 2

  • Soemthing is bound to happen sooner or later 😂😂 if your girlfriend had a lot of guy friends, trust me, you would find kut 😂

    • I’ve had these friends for years way before I even knew my girlfriend

  • Bros before hoes!


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