How does a guy find a cool girl that wants to be fwb?

Seriously, the amount of effort of trying to find apps that girls use is ridiculous. I really don't want to go to the bar like a normal person...


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  • I met so many people on tinder that just wanted friends with benefits

    • Problem is i get only a few matches and they don't want to be friends with benefits, they just want a relationship

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    • I bet you’ll find some pretty desperate girls, but if you want actual sex it might be hard -no pun intended- bc the chances of someone being in your area are so slim. But if ya want nudes then you’ll like get them

    • Desperate... damn lol i mean sex would be nice but i really just want a girl-friend that doesn't want to date me and make it awkward ya know haha? Nudes aren't special unless you get to know the girl so nah.

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