Why do women always get away with anything on the dating world?

I have dated girl's in the past who used me cheated on me and even lied to me for month's or used me as a plan B. Funny thing is even when everyone finds out my ex's were lying they still take her side why is that? I had one ex who made everyone's believe i was crazy and wouldn't leave her alone. A few months later we become friends again all of our friends find out she was lying about everything and still took her side or made excuses for her. So i wanna known why do women get away with everything in relationship? And why do people make excuses for them?


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  • Dude so overdramatic don't blame us all cause you dated skanks. Sorry that sucks but I don't know you or the people around you so maybe you should ask them why they would think that way?

    • My current girlfriend not like that but... nvm

    • You said in women in general, I was just answering didn't mean her sorry just the cheaters

    • Am not saying all women lie or cheater am asking why can women in general get away with anything in a relationships if they wanted too?

What Guys Said 2

  • Same reason women get away with false rape accusations. Yes that comparison is more drastic than what you shared, but it is basically the same concept. Think of the old tale, the boy who cried wolf. Except its a girl who is making these huge drastic emotional outcries, and men are the big and bad wolf terrorizing the fields. The thing is, there have been so many situations in the past where girls have cried wolf, but because they didn't have proof of the wolf on hand, people shrugged it off and the issue never fixed itself; it just got worse and justice was blocked. Later on however, everybody's favorite radical SJW groups started making claims that men are all lying pigs that have no control and that a women would never lie about anything that hurt them physically or emotionally. So soon women started taking advantage of it. Then, False rape, domestic violence, and many more claims soon followed. I am not saying all women lie about these claims, but because of the society we live in, the women's claims will always be assumed to be fact over a mans. Why? Because people think that if we sensor people while they are young, that they won't have the ability to come forth about things later on in life. And everyone is afraid to say anything against them and make excuses for them, because if they call them out on their b. s. they are made out to be as bad as the "wolf".

    But hey, like Beyoncé said, girls run the world. So it's only going to get worse.

  • Because men are the antagonists while women are the protagonists


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