Women if your one-night stand hookup was a virgin would you want him to tell you? Would that be more of a turn on or turn off?

Ladies what do you think and if you say that he should say that he is a virgin. When should he say it?
  • He should say he is a virgin and it would be a big turn on
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  • He should not say he is a virgin and do his best
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  • He should say he is a virgin, it would be a big turn off and I would not sleep with him
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  • I dont care
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  • Fucking isn’t rocket science, so... whatevs. Bring it on.

    From what I’ve seen, the only consistent positive of “experienced” boys is that they tend to be (at least somewhat) more comfortable with what’s happening, and unafraid to DO stuff... and less likely to have cripplingly severe insecurities that’ll fuck up the whole vibe.
    In this hypothetical, the boy has enough of a presence to get an outspoken, forward, confident bitch (= me) into bed right off the bat. So, therefrom, we can assume he doesn’t have any of those crippling insecurities.

    In that case... Who cares? Bring it boy!

    If anything, he might even be easier to train♥️♥️ because he won’t be hell-bent on doing stuff that worked for his previous woman/women but that won’t work for me (... since there aren’t any previous women).

    And if he blows load no. 1 right away... it’s not exactly a challenge to get him going again (and again and again andagainandagainandagain).


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  • If it's a one night stand, all I want is good sex. A virgin is not very likely to give me that, so it's more of a turn off. It's better if he doesn't say anything in my opinion.

  • Thanks for the invite, but I won't be doing an ONS. So this question doesn't really apply to me.

  • I'd wanna know. Wouldn't be my cup of tea though.

  • Virgin or not, I don’t do the ons

  • ONS would not be my style.

  • I would want him to tell me

  • I would want him to say wether or not he's a virgin because I wouldn't wanna take away such a precious thing. I wouldn't sleep with him out of respect, heck I'd probably try to help him find someone else after that. Be his wingwoman or some shit. 😂

    • But what if he was happy to lose it with you and not someone else

    • I'd feel like I was robbing him of something that could be a great experience. Speaking as someone who's lost it in a really stupid way, I wouldn't wanna do that to someone else 😂

    • I see your point

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