Am I being overemotional and over exaggerative?

I been talking to this girl for awhile. We been on a couple dates and I told her I liked her and we have studied together. I met her through hooters. Anyways she decided to go on a field trip with another guy. That really upset me and it hurt. Also while at work she was continuously flirting with another guy practically dry humping. I was so humiliated and sad. I felt that I was over exaggerating but I didn't everything I can to no avoid her and not talk to her even when she tried to talk to me. I didn't know how else to cope with her doing all this so I gave her the cold shoulder. Its the only thing that feels right inside to do. To be honest I don't ever wanna talk to her again and I wanna cuss her out so bad but unfortunately I'm stuck with her in class and at work? what do y'all think and I being overexggared and over emotional?


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  • Nah, but she sounds like a hoe so you're kind of a dunce for getting involved with her to begin with.


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