Should I tell him how I feel even though I'm upset with him?

This guy who I work with (and have a thing for) asked me to "hangout" with him a week ago. He canceled because he had to do something with his dad. So we rescheduled for a few days later. He canceled again because he was in trouble for breaking curfew. Then we rescheduled for the next day. He canceled again last minute because he said he wasn't feeling well and he was throwing up.

At work, we get along great and we have so much fun talking, so I'm not really sure why he's canceling on me. I don't think it's that he isn't interested in me. I'm pretty sure he feels the same way towards me, however he's just too nervous to tell me. That's also what co-workers who are friends with both of us have been saying about it.

Tomorrow when I work with him, I want to say something like, "I was really starting to like you, but you keep standing me up on these dates you planned and it's pissing me off"

Do you think it would help my case any to tell him I like him or should I just leave it be and forget about him?

Thanks in advanced for opinions :)


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  • Tell him it bothers you if you still interested in him if not then just move on

  • Don't say anything. Just move along.


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