I think I'm cute and nice for a guy, but can't seem to make the fish bite, maybe some help is needed?

I'm effectively asking for dating advice, I'm 18, mildly athletic, I have my own interests in guitar, video games, reading and writing, aside from sports. I just can't seem to find a girl 🤔


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  • Have you tried tinder or bumble? There’s actually nice girls on there not all of em are hoes. I go on there and not just hook ups.. and so do many of my girlfriends. You’re still young though, there’s no rush! Your a year younger than me (I’m 19 not 20) so I feel you. Can’t really seem to find a guy either but I’m not stressing really. are you still in high school or graduated? maybe join clubs? go out with your friends to any places where people your age hang out. And if you plan on going to college, you can meet somewhere there. Just don’t be shy because sometimes girls can think you aren’t interested especially if you don’t make the first move. Compliment girls (not in a creepy way but just be nice!) just try anything to start a conversation! Just go out in public, look around! Start up a conversation! If you don’t have a job maybe get one and you’ll meet someone! Don’t stress too much though, you’ll meet someone one day! Hope this helped. Good luck!


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