Girls, Would you date a skinnier shorter guy?

She is about two inches taller than me. We're both average but she's thick average and I'm skinny average if that makes sense!

Like my bmi is 18 and hers I would say 23-24, so we're both barely "average".

That said, if you were in her shoes, would you date a guy like me if he was kinda interesting?


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  • Either we’d have to have an undeniable connection or my confidence would have to be through the roof lol. Personally, if I’m heavier and taller than who I’m dating, it would make me feel big, and unfortunately many girls don’t like that. One would have to make up for the other. Either he’s skinnier than me but taller, or he’s shorter than me but there’s not much difference in weight. The double whammy would make me too self conscious.


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