Do girls like sarcastic guys?


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  • NO one likes sarcastic people in general. Sarcasm is a way of putting down other people and 'showing off' how smart they are at the cost of others' sentiments. It is not a positive trait but a negative one. It may be witty on their part but at what cost. They only hurt other people.

    There is a thin line between being witty and sarcastic. The former is a sign of good humour and intelligence, while the later is simply rude and crude.

    • Disagree completely.

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    • Being Sarcastic is a talent, it is an art, it is a skill that very few people possess.

      It is the ability to insult/make fun of someone or something without the other end realizing it. (Well, most of the times.)

      It is our natural defense against stupidity.

      A normal Human being should have a balanced behaviour. It not uncommon for someone to criticize someone else or to be sarcastic every once in a while but when the critical comments start to flood everyone surrounding the person and when their sarcastic behaviour starts to hurt the close ones then they are in need of help.

      You can be happy sarcastic or pissed sarcastic.

      🤔 Too many freaks, not enough circuses.

      😊 Was it amusing? When we all think similar then no one is thinking. I appreciate. You might be having different opinion.

    • I agree... Sarcasm cannot be used only for showing off, it can be used for humor. Yes! Sarcasm sure is a talent using sarcasm accordingly is also an art.

  • Probably not. Both gals AND guys hate me for it. Might be cause I'm missing charm

  • Sarcastic one will definitely do 😄


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