For all the christians our there?

Would you date someone if they were not Christian like you.


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  • Yes... religion only defines something you believe in not something you blindly follow I mean i believe in my religion don't get me wrong but... I don't believe anything in the bible because it is not writen by god or by jesus it's by their followers wich were humans and humans lie... I don't want to start an argument but i don't think god hates gays or bisexual people since i'm bisexual and I can't see him helping me through life if he hated me i'm pretty sure i'd be dead already but... sorry i've rambled long enough about that... yes i'd date somebody with a diferent religion since one of mycrushes was a girl and she was a satanist and i still liked her because of her personality (now let's wait for the triggered people)


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  • Yea y not
    I would, the state of being religious just says how to get closer to almighty ie different in different religions but not with whom you date and fuck

  • Im pretty sure it says in your bible that your not supposed to do that but most religious people are cherry pickets so...

    • *Cherry pickers

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    • Religious people being cherry pickers

    • I mean you can say that but if you look at what it says and followed the rules like your supposed to there would be even less tolerance in the church than there is right now. The bible says a lot of fucked up things and not just in the old testament so dont tell me the old jesus made it so you dont have to listen to that part anymore.

  • Probably, I think it depends on the person


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