Being single, can't meet anyone?

So I am a 24 years old guy, finished college, curently working and can't find a way to meet a nice girl. I am not popular on facebook, I dont go out in clubs very often, and even if I did, I can't flirt with strangers because I am too shy. Did i really missed the chance to hook up back in my studying years? Is it too late for me now? It seems like everyone is in a relationship with his/her crush from school, college or whatever...


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  • When you don't put yourself in places to meet people it will be hard.
    Volunteer! Join an organization that does something you like! Go to the museum. Ultimately, you do need to overcome your shyness so having conversations with literally anyone in any of these environments will help!


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  • I tried a dating site. Be careful. So far it’s working ok though. Second date tonight! Whoop!

    • Its easier for girls to get dates on these sites as there are more guys than girls registered there ☺ I haven't had luck so far, I can barely find real girls (not scams) in my area

    • Aw I’m sorry! Well it’s weird for a girl to ask a guy so just keep your eyes open even in the grocery store. Worst a girl can say is no. 🤷🏻‍♀️😊 Go get ‘em tiger! 🐅

  • Not too late, but it’s hard to meet people when you don’t have a social life. Just start going out more often and work on your game. There is really no easy way out. Of course there is a chance you meet someone out of this partying scenario but it will help you with confidence and losing fear of intimacy anyway.


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