Last year One of my female friends told my crush that I like her and asked her not to tell me that she knows about my crush for her?

My friend send her a screenshot in which I was talking about how beautiful my crush is. My crush said she was feeling special. My crush even texted me heya that day (for the first time) and we talked like normal friends ( I had no idea why she texted me) but the next day when my female friend told me that she had told my crush about my feelings for her I got nervous and fucked everything up ( what I mean to say is I ran out of questions because I started over thinking and left her on read) . This year I wrote a poem for her on her birthday and posted that poem on my insta as story and then I texted her happy birthday , from that day we have been talking everyday. It's been 2 months now. She even saw me in the market once but I didn't so she texted me later that day if that guy was me or not. She laughs even at my stupidest jokes. We always have a long eye contact (you know what In mean) whenever we see each other. She ignores every other guys texts and comes online to reply to my texts and then goes offline. She blushes every time I compliment her. She is a really shy girl. My friends say that she already knows I like her and if still she is talking to me then she too is interested. She to this day thinks I have no idea about her knowing about my feelings towards her. Help me please , I really love this girl 🙏
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