What does your 'dream girl' look like?

How would you describe the girl of your dreams to look like? I know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder but I thought it would just be interesting to know about the different opinions on this question. :)


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  • a bit shorter than me, maybe head at chest height. dark hair preferred. smouldering cheeky eyes. thick lips curled into a sexy smile. tongue always wandering out of her mouth. strong shoulders, long neck. big tits, don't need to be perky just plump. big nipples.

    narrow waist. a bit of belly. big hips and ass, but toned under the soft fat. trimmed bush. wet pussy with a easily found clit, and a tight little asshole. thick thighs same in the calves. smallish feet. skin colour optional.

    must love sucking fat loads out of my cock all the time.


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