Fell In love with a guy, now he will not talk to me. Any Ideas why?

When I started University, I met an RA at my dorm. We started hanging out and became good friends, we also flirt a lot and have very good strong chemistry. I know we are not allowed to date until he graduates (So next year) but i still feel very strongly for him.

He gave me strong signs that he really likes me and I have a strong feeling he does. I believe he is relatively inexperienced at dating because at times he seems kind of awkward and shy. We have never done anything beyond flirtatious touching, however all of a sudden he started ignoring me. For the past week he will not look at me, or talk to me. He seems to be avoiding the places that I go, where I used to see him. I feel so hurt and I don't have any explanation for why he is treating me like this. Last time we hung out it was just great and we had such a fun special time.

It is kind of scary how much I grew to like this guy over 3 months. I have never cared about someone so much before and now he will not talk to me. Any Ideas as to why someone might do this?


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  • he's with someone else, he's just an asshole, he thinks you’re fuckin somebody, the possibilities are endless but usually revolve around him being either stupid or an asshole. You’re gonna meet more guys like him in life. Sorry


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